Aicha's Way,

Aicha started noticing allergic reactions her skin was having to a deodorant she was using. After trying different brands and doing  research on the topic of natural skincare, she realized that most deodorants on the market contain chemical ingredients that are harmful. Her love for lip balms led her to the same conclusion as most are made with chemical ingredients that can be toxic and cause dryness and irritation. Even more shocking in her discovery was learning that a lot of "natural" deodorant and lip balm brands are not 100% natural. Meaning, these products are aluminum or petrolatum free while they still contain other toxic or synthetic ingredients.  

As a young health enthusiast, Aicha began to question why most people are not aware of these toxic chemicals that are linked to health issues like cancer, kidney, liver, and brain diseases. This led her on a journey to find a safe alternative for not only herself but for her family and beyond.  Then the idea of creating a brand of safe personal care products was born.

Pulling inspirations from her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Aicha has the lineage and passion to work hard for matters of the heart.  Soon after, Aicha and her mother founded Aicha‚Äôs Naturals. Their mantra, "Live Beautifully," embraces the notion that being healthy, living naturally and purposefully will cultivate beauty.