Aicha's Way,

Aicha started noticing allergic reactions to a deodorant and tried different brands, including natural deodorants, that didn't work.  Her frustration led her to do research on the ingredients and was shocked to discover that a lot of "natural" deodorants are not 100% natural.  Aluminum is removed from the formula but replaced with other synthetic preservatives.   As a teen health enthusiast, she began to question why most people are not aware of these toxic chemicals that are linked to numerous health issues. This led her on a journey to find a safe alternative for not only herself but for her family and beyond.  Then the idea of creating a brand of safe personal care products was born.

Pulling inspirations from her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Aicha has the lineage and passion to work hard for matters of the heart.  Soon after, Aicha and her mother founded Aicha‚Äôs Naturals. A company devoted to offering safe and cruelty-free products with the highest quality ingredients. 
Their mantra, "Live Beautifully," embraces the notion that being healthy, living naturally and purposefully will cultivate beauty.